It takes 7 SECONDS to read a resume and determine the suitability of your application. Without the right information in the correct format, your application could land you in the reject pile. With many organisations using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to assist in their recruitment process, your resume may be not even read if it is formatted incorrectly. First Seven Seconds offers resume writing solutions along with many other services to give you a fighting chance.

Resume, First 7 SEconds

First Seven Seconds offers many solutions to your job search needs and simplifies your applications helping you make the best first impression in the first seven seconds.

We offer a variety of services including:

LinkedIn Profiles

Professional Resumes

Cover letters

Selection Criteria

Personal Branding

  Interview Coaching

LinkedIn Coaching

Pet Resumes (For the dog-loving renter)

Been made redundant? Wanting to switch jobs? Unable to get to the interview stage?

First Seven Seconds has the solutions for you. Your application will be written by a trained specialist with experience in the recruitment industry ensuring your application is direct and to the point, and your interview coaching will provide you with the tools to make a lasting first impression