Application Assistance

Application Assistance (CV’s, Cover letters,) Resume, Resumes, First 7 Seconds, Recruitment

Do you have a long resume due to a lot of contract work?

Do you have gaps in your resume?

Have you never written a resume before?

Are you looking for a better work option and need a resume update?

In todays rushed life, no one has the luxury of wasting time while at work, and this includes wading through 1000’s of job applications. Gone are the days of cover pages, essay formatted resumes and personal information, including your date of birth and marital status. Prospective employers and recruiters want to get straight to the important stuff, YOU, and determine if they are interested in getting to know you better through an interview.

Many people make the mistake of wanting to personalise their resume, hoping that the employer will see you as a person. The fact is that people are on a strict timeframe and usually take about 7 seconds to scan your resume and determine if they are interested. There are many programs now available for people to search for key words only, and if you do not have the right words necessary your application will not be successful.

First Seven Seconds does not use pre-populated forms or commercial templates to create your application. Your resume and cover letter will be written and tailored to your individual needs, ensuring it is relevant, factual and to the point.


Cover Letters

Most people do not read cover letters, it comes down to not only time restraints, but doubling up on the information already presented in a well-constructed resume. When an application calls for a cover letter, you do need to ensure that it is tailored for that particular position. Each cover letter should be written for each role, addressing

First Seven Seconds is able to produce professional, personalised and effective cover letters that are to the point. Prices start at $75 (discounts for multiple letters).


Resume Writing

Basic Resume

Not all resumes need an entirely new layout or start from scratch. Sometimes just a little spruce up is required to change small common errors and bring it into 2016. First Seven Seconds will inform you if this is the case and only charge you for a basic resume service. Prices start at $55.

Premium Resume

There are a lot of people writing resumes these days, many of whom have never worked in recruitment or in any hiring capacity. This can often turn out as an expensive exercise for a job seeker, with the finished product not achieving a positive outcome for the candidate. Resumes need to be individually created each time, not run off a template and made to look like either a graphic novel or an essay. The perfect resume should be made up of factual points that sell you to get you into the interview stage. Creating that “WOW” factor should be done reading your skills and experience, not how pretty and illustrated your application is. Written right, the words will get you into the next round. Prices start from $88.


LinkedIn Profiles & Social Media

Your LinkedIn profile should read very similar to your resume. All employers and dates should correlate, and certain key achievements should also be listed. Nearly all employers will search for you on the internet to determine who you are as a person. They are looking for people who will fit their “culture”, and will make snap judgements by what they see online regardless of meeting you. First Seven Seconds can assist with creating or amending your LinkedIn profile and polishing your social media footprint. Prices start from $55.