Questions to ask before hiring a resume writer

Anyone can start a resume writing business, from personal assistants and VA’s to out of work graphic designers and journalists to stay at home mothers killing time on freelance sites like Fiverr. But how do job seekers find someone who is actually experienced to write your resume and knows not only the hiring process but also your field of work?

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How to fix your social media footprint

Got a brand new resume, great LinkedIn profile and you are applying for roles that you are qualified in and have experience but are still not getting an interview? It could be your social media footprint letting you down.

Did you know 90% of executive recruiters do a social media search on candidates and 46% of candidates are rejected from an interview based on inappropriate content on their Facebook profile? Read More

How to lose candidates before they apply

Many companies, especially their HR professionals who are hired to fill available roles on their behalf can be very protective over their open roles. However their ability to determine who is a serious candidate and who is a recruitment firm can be their downfall.

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How to bounce back from a redundancy

In recent times we have seen some big organisations collapse, leaving hundreds and sometimes thousands of fantastic employees simultaneously without employment security or fearing for their jobs. From Laura Ashley to Masters and of this week Careers Australia, it is fair to say, there are thousands upon thousands of Australians who have taken a confidence hit in recent times that has left some scarring and negativity, and you may be one of them. Read More


Interviews are not just about answering questions, it is also an insight into who the person is and how they will fit into the company and the team. Remember that spoken words fade quite quickly in people’s minds, but the emotions that person felt during that time will resonate for much longer. Read More