How to lose candidates before they apply

Many companies, especially their HR professionals who are hired to fill available roles on their behalf can be very protective over their open roles. However their ability to determine who is a serious candidate and who is a recruitment firm can be their downfall.

It is understandable that not every organisation wants to

work with an external recruiter, or even have the finances to get outside assistance, but the way you answer questions about the available role could be hindering you from finding your ideal candidate.

So how should you determine who is a candidate and who is a recruiter without sounding like a d#%k? Very simple, ask the person on the phone if they have applied for the role, and if not what information do they need to make that decision easier. DO NOT gruffly ask “are you wanting to apply for the role, or are you an agency?” as not only will you scare the prospective candidate off, but will paint an extremely negative image of your company.

Another way to lose candidates before they even apply is to set up an answering service asking candidates to “audition” on tape. Candidates are not dancing monkeys auditioning to be your next monkey butler, they are individuals looking for a company they will be valued in. Though companies might think this approach is “ingenious” it is in fact not making your recruitment process any e

asier. Great candidates don’t want to, nor do they need to jump through these types of hoops. They will hang up and look for a role elsewhere, at a company that makes them feel like they will have the time to discuss their employment opportunities.

So to organisations out there who do not have much luck keeping candidates they hire, it might be your initial screening process that has stopped you acquiring the high calibre candidates that will make your company great!

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